Friday, November 6, 2009

The Greatest Taxi Filming You in the Backseat

There's an NYC cabbie out there who films his passengers while he drives.

Creepy? Maybe. But he's making a movie, so it's a bit less creepy, right?

This information came to me from astute passenger, Ryan, who was in this guy's cab. (He believes he signed a waiver saying the could use the footage, but there was alcohol involved, and details got a bit fuzzy.)

In payment for appearing in the films, he gives his passengers drawings like the one above -- thanks Ryan! -- in lieu of cash.

Oh, and he calls himself "The Greatest Taxi." So the ego's intact.

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  1. I met this taxi driver and have the above pictured 'book' of drawings. I had just gotten off a bus from AC with a bunch of walkies after filming a chunk of 'The Bounty Hunter'. He was kind enough, helping me get the huge HEAVY cases into the trunk and during the ride from Soho to Brooklyn I had the most interesting experience in a cab since my ex peed on the floor after a drunken night out.
    First he handed me a clipboard with paper on it and a pen..and asked if I would draw a picture for him. I was taken aback but indulged and asked what he liked as I hadn't drawn anything in years and wasn't feeling particularly inspired. He said he liked pretty ladies so I started drawing a pretty lady who turned into a NYC not nympho. Half of her head/face was city scape inspired while the other was woodsy. It turned out to be really cool. Almost didn't want to hand it over. While crossing the Williamsburg bridge he asked if I wanted to be filmed, he had already mentioned the movie immediately as we had a conversation about the movie I was working on. He was completely normal and there was no Taxi cab confession trickery involved. I whipped out my handmade hats I was working on and showed them off as I had no idea what to talk about and it was over quickly. At the end of the ride he helped me with my things, I paid him his fare and he handed me a gratis copy of his book of drawings he had published from previous passengers attempts/successes at art. Hope mine will make it in the next one! Wierd yes, cool yes. Being put on the spot to spontaneously create was a nice mid-day treat. Hope it happens to you!