Monday, September 28, 2009

Puking in Cabs may be Verboten! (in Chicago)

Vomiting in a Chicago cab may just get a lot pricier – to the tune of $50.

That’s right – whether you’re drunk, bulimic, or just plain sick, if Chicago’s cabbies have their way, ralphing in their taxis will cost you an extra $50.

I can’t say I blame them. I mean, first, cabbies actually have to clean up your puke. And what if they don’t have plastic gloves and bleach in their trunk? Plus, the time needed to thoroughly clean their cabs is time they’re earning zero dollars. Add to this the fact that the rest of their customers aren’t likely going to enjoy the ode-to-vomit stench in the car, depressing tips.

When I was interviewing people for The Book, I can’t count how many times people laughingly told me their “I was wasted and puked in a cab” story. FYI – not cool. (I once almost heaved in a cab when I had food poisoning, and I tell you, I’ve never seen a cabbie more motivated to get me speedily home.)

Up until now, puking in cabs has been a free privilege. But it looks like in Chicago, you may just have to pay to play. Or puke. Whatever.

(PS aren't you glad I didn't subject you to a pic of real vomit?)


  1. funny you wrote about this! i just quizzed our local San Diego cabbie, andy.
    in 5 years, only 2 people have puked in his car.
    both drunk chicks.
    he said he looks out for the warning signs and politely tells them
    "if you need to puke, let me know & i'll slow down / stop and you can puke OUTSIDE of the cab. No Charge. Even if you get it on the outside." (he has to wash the cab after the shift anyway)
    "but if you puke INSIDE the cab,it's fifty bucks. no negotiation."

    verification "word": snespo

  2. This would be my rule. You puke, you clean it up. And if you don't, I'll force myself to puke on you. Because I'm that nice.

  3. can i use this picture?