Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vegas taxi drivers = pimps

I learned some interesting facts about Las Vegas taxi drivers when I did a fun radio interview with Nevada's NPR. (Click here to listen.)

The cabbie who shared air space with me revealed the following facts:

1) If cabbies take a guy to a Vegas brothel (legal there), there get a serious kick-back -- as a percent of what the guy spends.

2) Same with strip clubs.

3) They will get you just about anything you ask for -- anything -- if the price is right.

This was all confirmed by loyal reader, Jae. Thanks Jae!

My only disappointment in the interview -- I really wanted the cabbie to talk about the Sin City mobsters - Bugsy Siegel, etc.


  1. The real story is, that the only way to make half decent income driving taxi in Las Vegas, is by either long-hauling or being a pimp, because the oligarchy system for taxis in Nevada makes all drivers employees of big companies, which are regulated by the Nevada Taxicab Authority, which is a Nevada State agency that has policies making it impossible for decent honest cabbies to make good money. If you think being required to work 60+ hours a week for less than $600/week is good income, then you may disagree with me.

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