Friday, June 19, 2009

Cabbie links cops to killer

The main lead in a NYC murder yesterday came from a taxi driver.

In short, the murderer split, grabbed a cab, and then “paid” the cabbie by giving him a watch and the cell phone of the guy he just offed. (We’re hoping the cabbie didn’t know this bit.)

The cops called the dead guy’s cell, the driver picked up, and there you have it.

Which brings me to: the barter system. I historically pay for cabs in cash. I know of certain types of, um, favors being accepted in lieu of greenbacks. I wonder if the cabbie was down with receiving these trinkets as currency. They say it’s challenging to pay for gas with a watch.

And assuming the cops will keep both the cell phone and the watch, can the cabbie slap a lawsuit on the murderer for his lost income?

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