Friday, June 12, 2009

Story: um, where's the fire hydrant?

I met Melissa at a blog launch party, where she mesmerized me with her story of the flaming limo.

She was on her way to JFK when she looked out the window and noticed fire shooting out of the back of the car, like how flames erupt from the Batmobile. Only this wasn’t the Batmobile.

The driver pulled over, and frantically tried to put out the fire, which started under the car. Melissa tried to convince him to rescue her luggage from the truck, but, for some bizarre reason, he seemed more concerned with flames near the gas tank. Two Jamaican gypsy cab drivers pulled over to help, and Melissa stood there, feeling like the stereotypical helpless chic at the side of the highway. They finally put out the fire, and one of the gypsy cab drivers took Melissa to the airport.

She made her flight, but all her luggage smelled like smoke.

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